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After the Wedding

Although a prenuptial agreement is not something I ever planned on entering into, as a female lawyer who also is engaged to be married, it was something my fiancé and I have contemplated as we plan for the big day. Prenuptials are no longer for the millionaire Donald Trump types; they are for everyday people who want to protect themselves and their families in the unfortunate event of divorce, or even death. These days with divorce being quite common, more and more people are considering signing prenuptial agreements before saying “I do.”



Contemplating your future

Many couples obtain some form of counsel prior to their wedding day. One option is to seek guidance from a licensed therapist. Many therapists offer premarital counseling to help couples develop the skills to navigate their upcoming marriage successfully. During premarital counseling, the couple discusses complex and sensitive issues with the facilitation of a therapist. Subjects discussed are often hot topics such as sex, values, finances, spending habits, and the in-laws.

You found your prince charming and had the wedding of your dreams, now it’s time to find a cozy abode to call home, but with all you hear about the home buying market these days, is it smart to invest now?

We spoke with expert mortgage broker Kiran Karnad, owner of Funding One Mortgage Corporation, in Oakland, to find out what you should know about first time home buying. Kiran Karnad has been in the mortgage business for over 20 years. He spent the early part of his career working for mortgage companies in corporate America when he realized he had an intuition about mortgages. He ventured out to open his own mortgage business that would allow home buyers to feel taken care of. I got the opportunity to sit down and speak with him on a cool morning in the Bay Area, and from our meeting, I got the sense that Funding One has a family oriented approach to the way they do business. The following are tips on how to choose a mortgage broker, what you need to be approved for a loan, and advice on how to plan for your future home in today’s economic landscape.

Bay Bella Publishing caught up with Rubina Karnad, coowner of Realty One, to find out five guidelines for choosing the perfect realtor to fit a first time home buyer’s needs. Mrs. Karnad had excellent tips on how you and your new husband can begin the next chapter in your life in the everchanging Bay Area home buying climate.

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