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Fitness & Health

Winter Spring Book JPEG_Page_40_Image_0001It’s not easy planning that special day when all eyes will be on you. Your friends, family members, and also that Great Aunt who always has something to say, will be there to witness the most beautiful day ever planned. It is only natural for a bride to want to look her absolute best on her wedding day. The hairstylist and makeup artist have been booked, and the dress will be perfectly altered to fit like a glove. As technology continually advances, brides are also adding a very secretive detail to their itinerary list: plastic surgery.

Weight loss for the wedding should be no different than any other point in your life. According to nutritionist, Lauren Ercole, M.S., “there’s no trick or secret that brides should follow.” If you are planning to lose weight for your wedding, Ercole is adamant that a bride must achieve their weight loss goals “in a healthy and sustainable way.” Many brides realize the importance of planning details of the wedding in advance, such as sending out invitations in advance, choosing a wedding gown in advance, and other details. Making changes to your diet, Ercole recommends, should also start as soon as you know you are going to be married.

Winter_Spring_Book_JPEG_Page_40_Image_0005Many brides often have anxiety about their wedding day because all of the attention is on them. Photographs are taken constantly, reminding you, that on top of everything else, your smile must look flawless. When our readers have questions, we go straight to the experts.

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