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Winter_Spring_Book_JPEG_Page_42_Image_0001Miss Valentine answers all of your pressing Questions

Miss Valentine has gracefully attended, participated in, planned, and cancelled amultitude of weddings. She has all the answers for any sticky situation, so that you always come out looking polite and pretty in that white dress on your wedding day.

Dear Miss Valentine,

I adore my fiancé, and cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with him! He makes me laugh, loves me back-even when I am having a bridezilla moment-and I truly believe that he is my soul mate. However...he is not the most attractive man. I quickly saw past his exterior once I met him and he swept me off my feet, and I am very attracted to him. I know that it shouldn’t bother me, but I am somewhat concerned about our wedding photos and his appearance at the wedding in general. I want the wedding of our dreams to be reflected in our photos, and I want our guests to see him for who he truly is (sans the excessive body hair, really bad style, and weird glasses/jewelry). I just don’t know how to ask him to change for our wedding day without seeming shallow and heartless.

Yours truly, Shameless in San Jose

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